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    Does one have to do a penalty circle if they break a rule before the prepatory flag goes up

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    My best guess is, no.

    I’m not totally sure, but I do know that one can paddle (like when you are late for the start in little to no wind) to the starting area legally until the code ‘P” flag is posted. image of P flag

    So, when my “class flag” goes up I have 5 minutes to start. It could be any color, we get that info from the SI’s (Sailing Instructions) and hopefully at the Skippers meeting. The PRO, Principle Race Office, will say “the Hobie 16A class flag will be yellow”; the Hobie Wave class flag will be green”.

    I watch the Committee boat carefully, looking for my color class flag to set my watch to. I would not technically be racing-i.e. would NOT be required to “do a penalty circle if they break a rule before the prepatory flag goes up”. Once the P flag is hoisted it’s game on and all the rules apply.

    Am I in the ball park, Dr Herb?

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    I agree to no turn in a single fleet single start situation, however International Rules of the Road may come into play to assess liability if there is damage, ie. port/starboard, windward/leeward.
    However, what if it were a Thursday night race, with multiple classes and starts? For instance, Mimi and I are in our Waves fighting for position on starboard tack with under one minute to go, and an out of control (could happen) 16 cuts across our bow on port tack forcing us both to alter course and take evasive action to either not hit each other, or the 16? The 16 is not in his starting sequence, and not racing and keeps on sailing (scot free?) While Mimi and I are untangling, Bill Byrne gets a great start and wins by a country mile. The following conditions also occur:
    1. The 16 has been racing, and is intending to race
    2. Mimi and I windup fouling each other due to the situation that WE did not create, and could not avoid
    3. There is no damage to any of the boats, even though there was (unavoidable) contact
    Besides congratulating Bill on his win, what would you do, or what should you do??

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    Mimi you are spot on

    Barry you are a dark horse with the rules.

    I agree if there is damage Before the prep flag, this rule can be broken and a culprit can be found.

    I love the other scenarios but feel they maybe a little away from the basics for this kind of discussion. Maybe better for chalk talk when we have access to other minds

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    Probably blame the mind expanding drugs……

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    Heres one for ya @23 seconds

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    sorry bad link one more time

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    look at the boats bottom right corner at about 2 minutes

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    Rob T

    That’s the music I hear in my head every time I’m sailing!

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