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    At the start, of a boats rudder catches the anchor line of the pin does he or she have to do a circle

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    No, just don’t touch the mark, then you will!

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    At the weather mark; Windward boats approaching on port heading for the mark. Leeward boats on port leaving the mark.

    Who has right away?

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    Not sure of the scenario,

    usually the boat that has just rounded the weather Mark is on starboard and would have rights on a boat coming in on suicide port.

    However if the boat that just rounded A mark jibes on to port then he would lose rights to a leeward port boat and have to stay clear

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      Thanks for the clarification, Herb.

      I get why you didn’t get the scenario, I was thinking since we “leave marks to port” the pack would be on port, DUH WRONG! It helps if I’m on the boat, I can look at my sail, if I can read the Hobie Cat manufacture label than I know I’m on starboard;>

      I know that suicide port, kamikaze port (when a windward boat, i.e. a boat on a beat, approaches A mark, within the three boat length circle, on port) is tough, (sometimes not safe) because you have to find a whole in the starboard tack parade to tack and not foul anyone.

      So the pack is often on starboard just after rounding. The “boats on opposite tacks” rule applies. “Port tack boat must keep clear of a starboard boat” Right?

      If a boat jibes just after the mark it is most likely on port. So “boats on the same tack” applies? That is confusing because one is on a beat the other is on a run.

      Thanks for putting this in writing!


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    You got it perfectly

    I like the use of the Hobie decal. Never noticed that. Anybody have other tricks to remind themselves which tack they are on?

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