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    Lets coordinate when we can get the most boats on the line on Thursday nights!!!

    If we all use the 20Forum often, we can increase our numbers-which means- increasing our skills.

    I will be there this Thur 6/20, 6/27 next is a strong maybe.

    Barry can not make it this Thursday 6/20, he will be there 6/27

    I hope to go out Tuesday night 6/18. If any Waves want to join me that would be AWESOME! Planning on working on gybing and conditioning.

    Also I heard that some folks might be unsure of the racing rules. Here is a link to the US Sailing Store; for $3.00 you get a waterproof card that puts it all in a nut shell.

    Rules in Brief

    We could do a basic rules chalk talk, nothing to detailed, just the basic “need to know stuff”.

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone:>


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    MIKE D

    I will be there tomorrow and plan to race thursday

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    Four EXCELLENT races in super wind last Thursday. Mike D. broke a rudder arm before the first race:<.

    Bill Walen won two, I won 2.

    Barry is a definite for this Thursday, I’m still a maybe. Pretty sure Mike D is going.

    Who else in going?


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    We have a wave on the beach at our house if anyone wishes to experience that wavy feeling. Give me a call directly

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    Unforunatly I can’t make the Fleet race tonight:< Sorry Wave fans.

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    Who is racing a Wave on the fourth of July?

    1:00 start

    I’m all in!


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    I will be there as well!

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    Doug Ahlsen

    This is my summer to figure it all out. Questionable when I will feel up to racing. Thanks you folks for taking me out last year on Newbie Tuesday. Planning on committee boat for today 7/11

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