Guidelines for Safe Covid-19 era Fleet 204 Racing

The following are suggestions to allow safe sail competition among individuals minimizing exposure risks to corona virus. It is hoped that the following will not only be an informative guide but also alert boundaries that some sailors wish to respect so we can all participate without fear.

1 Sailors should not participate in any land or water activities if having any signs of illness, i.e. fever >100.4, upper respiratory symptoms, muscle aches, or inability to smell peanut butter.

2 Sailors exposed to positive Covid patients or risky behavior should consider avoiding
fleet activities for 14 days or if cleared with active Covid blood test

3 On land, sailors should respect the 6 ft social distancing and should wear facial protection. Consider rigging crowded boats in staggered fashion to avoid compromise of social distancing.

4 Avoid congregating in the Cat house or any areas where there is poor outside ventilation.

5 Limit use of changing rooms. Consider changing in one’s own car or coming to the
venue partially dressed but not exposed.

6 Bathrooms use should be reduced as much as possible. More importantly, antiseptic
should be used prior to entering AND exiting the bathroom1. Use a face mask while
in the bathroom.

Although the greatest risk from aerosolized exposure, contact from virus on surfaces may play a
role. If people reduce the virus load on their hands before touching communal surfaces, there is
less of a chance of the next person touching that same surface and acquiring the illness.

7 Facial masks should be used when assisting others with riggings and launching. Use
antiseptic prior to touching others’ “sailing” equipment. Consider asking permission
to help before offering assistance

8 Skippers and crews from different quarantine families should honestly discuss their
exposure risk and decide for themselves the risk /benefit for racing. They may want
to consider facial coverings like a Hobie buff while on the water

9 Committee boat personal should be from the same quarantine family or wear facial
coverings. Individuals should be assigned jobs/props that only they come in contact
with for the session. The Race Committee shall determine who will go on the boat
with them. Antiseptic hand cleaners should be used copiously. All surfaces should
be wiped down before and after use.

10 Individuals should provide their own refreshments and avoid sharing coolers, bags
of potato chips etc. Don’t share food or refreshments. Limit touching of other peoples property unless asked.

11 If one becomes ill with the virus post-sailing, Please notify the safety officer (MIMI
OR HERB) of your condition so members of the fleet who may have been exposed
can be contacted.