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Fleet 204 sincerely thanks all involved in the help provided.

Thank you for helping the family of fellow sailor Bob Burns!

Long time Hobie Cat sailor and Division 16 / Fleet 119 Member Bob Burns is battling  leukemia.

Bob, his wife Danielle and young son Aiden live in Western New York State.

And the Winner of a choice of either a Hobie 16 or Hobie 18 custom set of sails is ...........

Well here is a short report:

As publicized, Hobie Cat Fleet 204 held a raffle to raise money to help fellow sailor Bob Burns and his Family. Bob is battling Leukemia, and the expenses of: testing donors; bone marrow; medical exams; and ongoing living expenses continue to mount.

We at Fleet 204, with the help of Rob and Darcie Jerry of Boatworks-Ltd and the good people at The Hobie Cat Company, got together and decided to hold a sail raffle... ... ... not just any raffle however, a custom set of sails, for either a Hobie 16 or 18.

We sold tickets, (250 tickets at $25.00 each) , with the raffle drawing to be held at the awards ceremony of the Hobie 16 / 18 North American Championships, Galveston, TX, October 19 - 25, 2013.

So we draw a ticket, and announce Chris Wessels, former HCA Chairman, division 9 and Clear Lake Iowa Sailor, WINS! Congratulations Chris!, but ... ... ... ...

In the true spirit of the Hobie Way Of Life, Chris offers the CUSTOM SET OF SAILS, a $2000.00 value, up for auction, to the sailors present, and there were a lot. And donated the proceeds of the spontaneous auction to the Burns family fund.

So the bidding starts at $500.00 and quickly climbs to over $1000.00, and a final winner at over $1,300.00, is Hobie Cat Sailor Mike Montague of California, THANKS MIKE!

Other fund were also raised from the generosity of Fleet 204 Commodore Therese Straigis, who through her company, Mohawk Global Logistics and the Michael J. McSherry Charitable Fund raised $1000.00

Now the final #'s aren't in yet but thanks to the generosity of the Hobie Sailors, Friends and Families, the Michael McSherry Charitable Fund, the raffle money, the Spontaneous Auction Money, Chriss Wessels, Boatworks LTD, Fleet 204, The Hobie Cat Company, and while at the Canandaigua Yacht Club, CMOR Division 16 Regatta, (the place where this raffle idea was born), more funds from various raffles and fund raising activities,
... ... ... ... we will report back, but the generosity has raised more than $7,000.00 to help this wonder family in a time of need.

Thank You


The Members of Hobie Cat Fleet 204


Well the final report is in, and the generosity of the sailors and community exceeded or wildest dreams.
Thanks to all of you, we have raised 5 times what we thought was possible.

Through the kindness of: Fleet 204; Rob and Darcie Jerry of Boatworks-Ltd; The Hobie Cat Company; Chris Wessels; Mike Montague; Therese Straigis; Mohawk Global Logistics and the Michael J. McSherry Charitable Fund; Canandaigua Yacht Club; Fleet 204's Danielle Podejko who baked and sold goods; (Buffalo's) Fleet 119 Karen and Mike Grisko who orchestrated efforts in western NYS; all the sailors in Division 16 and Division 11 that bought tickets throughout the year; all the sailors, volunteers and friends that bought tickets at the NAC's; and all the people in the community, both in Syracuse, Buffalo, and others, that helped with the raffle and other fund raising ideas, we have raised $10,102.00 for this wonderful family.

Bob's battle with Lukemia continues, and reports are that he should be able to get out of the hospital for a least Christmas Day, if his doctors say it's ok.

Thank You


The Members of Hobie Cat Fleet 204